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Trimebutine maleate effect on colonic motility

Time:2015/9/30 7:23:53

In dogs, Trimebutine maleate inhibits colonic spike activity recorded from electrodes implanted on the transverse colon." This effect is not reversed by naloxone, given either 


or intravenously, indicating that Trimebutine maleate may influence colonic motility via receptors other than u-opiate receptors. Intracerebroventricular injection of 

Trimebutine maleate

Trimebutine maleate did not influence colonic motility in dogs." The influence of Trimebutine maleate on colonic transit time was studied in constipated patients. In a 

randomized, double-blind,cross-over study, Trimebutine maleate 200 mg, three times daily significantly accelerated (P< 0.05) the colonic transit time by 50%.76 In another study 

in patients with delayed colonic transit time (mean 105 h), colonic transit time was decreased to 60 h after Trimebutine maleate,

but in patients with a normal colonic transit time before starting treatment, Trimebutine maleate did not alter transit time."In man, Trimebutine maleate (100 mg, intravenously) 

did not alter colonic motility in fasted subjects,unlike morphine." Nevertheless, Trimebutine maleate may regulate colonic motility, as it increased the number of long spike 

bursts in constipated

patients," but decreased the incidence in patients with diarrhoea-predominant IBS. 77 The regulatory role of Trimebutine maleate has also been demonstrated in other studies, in 


the colonic motor activity returned to normal with Trimebutine maleate in patients with either a hyperkinetic or a hypokinetic colon.":" In a more recent study, in which the 


response to food intake appeared to be increased in the sigmoid colon of nine constipated patients, compared with healthy subjects, Trimebutine maleate (200 mg, orally) 


decreased the excessive colonic activity observed in constipated patients, but did not modify the pattern of colonic motility in healthy subjects." This effect was statistically

significant after 30 min and was maintained for at least 120 min. In another study with a similar design, however, Trimebutine maleate did not alter colonic motility in 

constipated patients."