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Trimebutine Maleate in improvement of patients with functional dyspepsia symptoms

Time:2015/9/30 7:20:38

Objective It is to approach the characteristics of medication in Trimebutine Maleate Sustained-Release Tab-lets, and further summarize the treatment of functional dyspepsia (FD) safety and tolerability, provide the scheme and the ba-sis for clinical use of more scientific.Methods 130 cases of functional dyspepsia patients according to the random number ta-ble method with a ratio of 1:1, were divided into two groups, the patients in observation group were treated with oral Trimebu-tine Maleate Sustained-Release Tablets, 1 tablets each time, twice a day;and in control group with oral Trimebutine Maleate Tablets, 2 tablets each time, Three times a day.Before treatment and after 2 weeks, the symptoms of the patients with FD were evaluated in two groups, and the body temperature, respiration, blood pressure patients, pulse recording, parallel routine examination, including urine, fecal occult blood, liver and renal function, and record the adverse reactions of two groups. And the symptom score and evaluation of curative effect were analyzed.Results The FD symptoms of two groups were some im-proved, symptom assessment were decreased, but FD symptom score in the observation group decreased more obviously, there was significant difference compared with the control group (P<0.05).The total effective rate of observation group was 82%, and 62%of control group, there was significant difference between the two groups (P<0.05).

The body temperature, heart rate and breathing index did not change significantly after treatment in two groups, but only 1 case had elevated alanine amin-otransferase phenomenon in control group, while the rest of electrocardiogram, kidney function and so were no significant ab-normality.The incidence of adverse reaction was 0 in observation group, and 2% in control group, there was no significant difference (P>0.05).Conclusion The application of Trimebutine Maleate Sustained-Release Tablets in treatment of func-tional dyspepsia can alleviate the symptoms, has a recent curative effect of relatively stable, and has a good safety and tolera-bility, has good guidance for clinical treatment, worthy of further promotion for acute hospital.