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The function of Trimebutine Maleate to the gallbladder contraction in dog

Time:2015/8/3 5:57:41

To explore the function of Trimebutine Maleate(TM) to the gallbladder contraction in postoperative dog,and discuss its clinical value to recover postoperative patient’s gallbladder motility,reduce bile stasis,and prevent the recurrence of gallstones after cholecystolithotomy remaining gallbladder.

【Method】Fourteen dogs were randomly divided into 2 groups on average,which were experimental group and control group.One needle was inserted into the gallbladder and connected with pressure transducers after gallbladder operation in laparotomy state.Through the gastric tube,250 mL physiological saline was firstly poured into all the dogs,recording the change of cholecystic pressure;then 250 mL physiological saline which dissolved with 300 mg TM was poured into the ex-perimental group,while 250 mL milk was poured into the control group.Afterwards,the changes of cholecystic pres-sure were recorded separately.

【Results】The change of cholecystic pressure after administration of Trimebutine Maleate and milk were(2.093±0.153) mmHg and(2.730±0.169) mmHg,which are significantly higher than that of the ones only with physiological saline in their group(P 0.05),and the latter is more significant than the former(P 0.05).Besides,it takes(47.900±3.900) min to reach the minimum of cholecystic pressure changing for the former,which is shorter than the latter's(38.100±2.900) min(P 0.05).