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Trimebutine maleate effects on the stomach

Time:2015/9/30 7:25:25

In a double-blind cross-over study in healthy subjects, oral Trimebutine maleate (200 mg) accelerated gastric emptying of liquids by 19%. The maximal effect was observed after 

Trimebutine maleate

40 min." In 21 patients with chronic gastritis, the effect of Trimebutine maleate on gastric emptying was studied using the technique of acetaminophen assay in blood samples. 

Plasma acetaminophen levels,measured 15 min after ingestion and preceded by Trimebutine maleate treatment, were significantly higher (P < 0.05) than after placebo.

Trimebutine maleate significantly accelerated delayed gastric emptying (P < 0.025).53 In another study evaluating the effect ofTrimebutine maleate (100 mg) on gastric emptying 

after a dyspepsia-inducing meal, however, no effect was observed." More recently, an oral dose of Trimebutine maleate (200 mg) was shown to shorten the lag time before gastric 

emptying and also

to accelerate gall-bladder emptying during the early postprandial period."Few studies have evaluated the effects of Trimebutine maleate on gastric motor activity. In 18 patients 

with non-ulcer dyspepsia, intravenous Trimebutine maleate (1 mg/kg) induced a biphasic manometric response with a coordinated increase in motor activity during the first 10 min 

and a dramatic inhibition for the next 30 min."Finally, Trimebutine maleate does not alter basal gastric acid secretion or pentagastrin-stimulated secretion."